Basic Family Service

This service is designed to get students and parents started on the right foot when they start to think seriously about the college-going process.   This service can start as early as the end of 9th grade or as late as fall of 12th grade. The Basic Family Service consists of:
  • The completion of questionnaires by both the student and parent
  • The submission of the latest transcript
  • The completion of a brief financial statement by parents (Optional)
  •  An in-person or Webinar meeting with student and parents, consisting of:


a.       A review of all aspects of preparation for college with suggestions on possible areas of improvement.  Topics include:


                                                               i.      Preferred college type, location, size, reputation, etc

                                                             ii.      Intended/possible majors

                                                            iii.      High school course distribution, level

                                                           iv.      High school grades, GPA, class rank

                                                             v.      Academic and non-academic honors

                                                           vi.      PSAT, SAT, PreACT, ACT, SAT Subject Test, and AP scores

                                                          vii.      Extra-curricular activities in school

                                                        viii.      Individual talent, leadership roles

                                                           ix.      Outside of school activities

                                                             x.      Volunteering, work for pay

                              xi    Effective use of summer vacation

                                                           xi.      Hobbies and interests


  • An admission committee-type review of academic and personal credentials by using the BCP Evaluatorâ„¢ to give the student an admission rating
  • Comparison of the student admission rating to the selectivity level of listed colleges, and arrange schools into categories depending on admission chances
  •  Suggest other colleges based on student preferences and admission probabilities
  •  Work to present the strongest admission application in areas of importance such as high school courses, standardized testing, school activities,  talent,  use of summer vacation,  and community service.
  •   If the student is an athlete, discuss the college recruiting process
  •  An evaluation of the interest assessment questionnaire
  •  If requested, provide an overview of possible eligibility for need-based aid

If you have questions, call me at (609) 737-7377 or send an email to with a number where I can reach you.

If you would like to schedule a meeting I will need various forms completed and returned beforehand.  Go to Questionnaires.

Other Services
For Families
The above is a one-time service.  For families who are looking for assistance through the entire college-going process, go to Continuing Counseling Service.

For Groups

In addition to my family counseling service,  I am available to give a presentation on admission and financial aid.  Click on Presentations.