BCP Advisors China
We have considerable experience in helping students in Chinese (or international) high schools get admitted to an American college or university.  Go to Colleges to see where these students have been admitted.

In addition to my counseling, BCP Advisors China consists of a team of experienced college counselors with Ivy League backgrounds.   Go to Team to read more about them.

To see a description of our counseling service, go to Continuing Counseling.

Procedure to  become a student client

If you are interested in having a further discussion, please complete the student questionnaire at Questionnaire.  Return the student questionnaire to dbett@verizon.net along with a copy of your most recent grade report.   If you are not already registered on Skype, do so and send a contact request to don.betterton, clearly identifying yourself.  Once we have your material, we will arrange for a Skype call.   At the conclusion of that call, you can decide if you want to sign on as a student client of BCP Advisors China.